Image credit: Sam Hartnett/Te Uru

Image:Sam Hartnett/Te Uru

Te Uru 2015/Toi Poneke, Handshake 2, 2014

Kitset, Interactive Installation

Wooden implements, paint, brass

zinc nuts and bolt, moving image, 

trestle table and stool


Online publication written by Deborah Crowe


Kitset invites the viewer to engage with its construction, in a participatory capacity that when completed is intended to become a necklace. Linked by multiple nut and bolt mechanisms that have been specially adapted to accommodate dissected pieces of wooden kitchen utensils, Kitset’s completion and compositional outcome contrarily becomes subject to the participants discretion and choices. Accompanying the necklace components is an instructional film intended as a prompt for the viewer to participate and become part of the artist’s process. Stimulating the viewer to interact with her work is an ongoing concept that Sarah continues to chase as she believes the tactile qualities and processes inherent in art and objects can leave you understanding the work more fully. She sees contemporary jewellery as an artistic medium that works well for alluring the concept of touch.